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Updated Nicknames

This is just a quickie entry this morning to update the nicknames since we established some new ones last night. I might need a refresher on some, so feel free to update in the comments.

JaJuan Johnson - JJ, The BIg Man

E'Twaun Moore - 3'Twaun, Smooge, The Assassin, The Red Button, The Master

Kelsey Barlow - GDB

D.J. Byrd - The Birdman

Lewis Jackson - LewJack

Travis Carroll, Patrick Bade, Sandi Marcius - The Hanson Brothers (The hockey guys when good, the band when bad)

John Hart - The Hitman, Jumpin' Johnny Hart

Terone Johnson - TJ, The Apprentice (to E'Twaun's Master)

Robbie Hummel - Ostrich, DRINK! (This season only)

Ryne Smith - The Love Pump

Dru Anthrop & Bubba Day - The Walk-On Whiteout, The Bastard Sons of Bobby Buckets

Matt Painter - Coach, Matty