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Wisconsin at Purdue: The Bloodbath Thread

Well, this has been a disappointing week for anything football related. Even yesterday's sponsored post sucked. Trust me, If I wasn't getting paid five times the monthly amount I usually get from SBNation for the site I wouldn't be doing that. This is what happens when you sell out, kids.

So anyway, the day we have been dreading is here. Our Boilers face Wisconsin today, and I am more excited to see some old friends and new friends at Harry's after the game than itself. I want to think the football gods owe us a shocking upset for everything else we've gone through this year, but that would be absolutely shocking.

So here it is, your open thread. I can't even find anything other than Purdue's high point before it all came crashing down. Maybe airing this will change our fortunes. As usual, I'm in faithfully in my seats in section 128. Hopefully the uber-mom and her annoying kids aren't here today.