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Boilermakings 11/4/10

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Purdue, Illinois coaches deny any Handshakegate | | The Detroit News
The awkward, lengthy postgame handshake between Purdue coach Danny Hope and Illinois coach Ron Zook was explained away as nothing. Also, Sean Robinson is now the "No. 1 quarterback"

Purdue seniors issue wake-up call | | Journal and Courier
Purdue's seniors can count. Probably because Kerrigan is a Math Education major.

Purdue receiving corps gets McBurse of speed | | Journal and Courier
With all the attention focused on the shortage of Purdue quarterbacks, another position has been hit hard by injuries.

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Surgery set for Purdue's Hummel | | The Indianapolis Star
November 16th... and this time it's a different Doctor... good

Purdues Moore Named A Candidate For Lowes Senior CLASS Award
This year we'll all have to vote for Smooge.

Grant Chosen By Sioux Falls In NBADL Draft
Keaton will be playing in the booming metropolis of Sioux Falls, SD!

Boilermakers Travel To Iowa For Season Finale
Saturday the Women's Soccer team wrap up their season.

Purdue Invitational Preview
Women's Tennis hosts an invite in WL this weekend.