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Quickie Picks For Big Ten Rivalry Week

Since it is Rivalry Week in the Big Ten all of the great Big Ten blogs are frothing with plenty of hate. I can't do these rivalries justice, so be sure to check them out for all your previewing needs.

Also, it's Thanksgiving, so this blogger is taking most of the day off to be with my family in Kokomo. Here are my Big Ten picks for the week. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Purdue 45, Indiana 14 - We're going to vent, and it is going to feel good. Maybe Ricardo Allen will get his third straight pick-6.

Ohio State 31, Michigan 28 - Michigan keeps this much closer than expected. I'd love for them to pull the upset and piss on the Buckeye parade to another Big Ten championship.

Michigan State 28, Penn State 24 - The Spartans are having one of those strange seasons where they don't look like a dominant team, but everything (like two Rob Henry interceptions) starts going their way.

Minnesota 24, Iowa 21 - Call this my upset of the week. The Golden Gophers are due for some good fortune and Iowa is struggling mightily.

Wisconsin 38, Northwestern 17 - No way a backup quarterback wins on the road with a BCS bowl in store for the Badgers.