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Purdue Basketball Commitment Tracker (v. 1.0)

Donnie Hale battles for the rebound against Robinson Academy.
Donnie Hale battles for the rebound against Robinson Academy.

Here's the first installment of the ongoing Purdue Basketball Commitment Tracker. I'm bringing this tracker from the (now defunct) Purdue Basketball Blog. I'll be compiling all of the results and (available) stats of our basketball commitments into single post, accompanied with the link to the article. You can check here to see last year's tracker to get an idea of how it'll look deeper into the season.


Donnie Hale (Bridgton Academy)

11/11 - Bridgton Academy (BA) opened their season with a 93-85 victory over Robinson Academy (NJ) in overtime. Hale scored 17 points.
11/13 - BA earned their second consecutive win against Leadership Prep, 81-60. Hale chipped in 13 points.
11/14 - BA continued to roll as the beat Summit Prep 74-66. Hale's stats currently unavailable.


Next Game: 11/19 against NPSI-Westwind (AZ) Prep

Jacob Lawson (Oak Ridge Military Academy)

11/12 - ORMA opened their season with a blowout win against Flora MacDonald, winning 85-68. Lawson scored 11 points in limited minutes (due to blowout). 
11/14 - ORMA fell to United Faith, 59-61 at the Greensboro Coliseum. Stats currently unavailable.


Next Game : 11/20 against the Quality Education Academy


Rapheal Davis (Fort Wayne South Side)


- First game against Warsaw on 12/3

Jay Simpson (Champaign Central)


- First game against Peoria Notre Dame on 11/23

Kyle Molock (Dublin)


- Out all season with a....yup, you guessed it, a torn ACL