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Welcome to the Fold: Akeem Hunt

This one kind of snuck by me last night, but we finally gained our eighth commitment last night with 3-star running back Akeem Hunt committing from Georgia. This may very well be one of our best pickups for the 2011 class. He had multiple offers from good programs such as Auburn, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Sure, he was probably filler for their classes, but he is a good fit for us. We excel with running backs from Georgia. Just look at Ralph Bolden.

Hunt took his official visit during the Western Illinois game. As badly as we played on offense in that game he probably saw a chance to play immediately. He has good size for a running back at 5'11" 170 pounds. That is my size, actually, only he probably doesn't have bad feet like me. With Reggie Pegram seeing some time this year, Bolden returning, Al-Terek McBurse coming back, and Brandon Cottom coming in there is a strong chance Hunt will redshirt.

As a senior at Covington Newton HS, Hunt rushed for 654 yards on 115 carries and scored seven touchdowns. He also caught 15 passes for 231 yards and two more scores. There is also the possibility is will play at defensive back or wide receiver. His team finished the season last week with a 6-4 record and he was the leading rusher. Here are some highlights for him as we prepare for today's game.