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Boilermaking 10/6/10

Boiled Sports: Purdue's Temporary Mascot
His name happens to be my middle name... how sad

All eyes on o-line now
Not too long ago Purdue's offensive line was viewed as the No. 1 offensive weakness.

Purdue's new QB Henry ready for Big Ten - College Football -
Rob Henry is about as prepared as a redshirt freshman quarterback can be for a Big Ten game as a first-time starter.

Knock on wood: Purdue offensive line healthy | | Journal and Courier

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Drunk-soccer_mediumDon't Drink and Dribble... a soccer ball

Purdue men's soccer club punished | | Journal and Courier
Soccer just became alot less fun for these guys.

Purdue Women's Golf win - The Exponent
Our Lady Boilers Golf team is solid

Purdue Players in Wooden Award Top 50
I'm just eating up anything and everything basketball right now.

Paint Crew Sets Record - The Exponent
every single student on Purdue's campus wanted tickets in the Paint Crew section for this year. Ok, not every single student, but alot.

Indy Lights Race Winner was a Boiler - The Exponent
another Purdue speed-demon.