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Live! From Chicago! It's Big Ten Basketball Media Day!

While that doesn't quite have the same ring as Saturday night live, it is good to be in the (very) Windy City for the tipoff of basketball season. I'll be live today out at the Chicago Crown Plaza O'Hare until roughly noon central time covering things. I figured the easiest way to do it is to make this an Open Thread if you have any fan questions for Matt Painter and crew. The Big Ten did not tell me which players would be there, but I would guess that JJ and E'Twaun will be present.

I'll try to post a comment or two here, but follow the Twitter feed (ironic, since I used to hate Twitter) for the msot up to date information. There may even be a thing or two about IU since I have to cover them for the SBNation: Indiana regional site, but I'll try to keep the H&R feed Boiler-centric.