Tressel on Purdue

Jim Tressel speaks about this year's Purdue football team:

"To me the key will be, what kind of students are we, because if you're being taught through adversity, how well are we learning from it, and that will be the fun of attacking the practice field. Because what's interesting is Purdue really doesn't care about the difficulty of the challenge or the adversity or the disappointment of maybe letting someone down. Purdue has had their own adversity. They lost their quarterback early. They lost a running back in preseason. They lost a great receiver. And to their credit, they just rolled up their sleeves and have gotten better and better and better and find themselves by doing so, sitting at the top of the Big Ten, 2-0, playing well, young quarterback coming in and the staff, I think, is doing a great job with that young quarterback. He's a very, very good runner and a very good passer. I think they're doing the things that conceptually he understands and keep adding a little bit as he goes and in terms of our situation, Purdue doesn't really care about our adversities, they've dealt with their own, they just care about getting better."

NBC 4 Sports - Columbus

Obviously he has to say nice things about his opponents to avoid bad PR, but this is one of the premier coaches in the nation giving props to a Boiler team that is seen as a bottom-tier team in the conference this year by many fans and observers. It also shows that he’s doing his due diligence on a program that jumped up and bit his team last year. I just wanted to share this because it’s obvious that Tressel respects us and we’re on his radar now. Methinks those completely worthless nuts are going to be ready to play us Saturday.

Key point for encouragment: He's right about the fact that our Boilers don't care who they're playing this weekend, they're going to come out and go balls to the wall so they can win. That's what I loved about last year, and what I'm seeing some more of this year.

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