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Week 8 Blogpoll Ballot

A few notes:

  • With 10 unbeatens left and Nevada falling to Hawaii this week your national championship game will come from those 10 teams as long as two finish the year unbeaten.
  • Alabama moves to the head of the 1 loss teams with South Carolina falling to Kentucky.
  • Among the 1 loss teams, Wisconsin will stay ahead of Ohio State, Arizona ahead of Iowa, and Oklahoma ahead of Florida State based on head to head non-conference games.
  • The bottom three was a pretty mediocre group to rank, so why not put Purdue there as a pity #25? I know it is likely the only time this year where I can rank them, so we'll be gone next week if we lose to OSU. I might as well dream with one ballot this year, and who cares who is at #25? If we were playing Toledo again with the experience Henry has gotten I would absolutely pick us. At 5-1 we would be ranked right now too.