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33 Days to Purdue Basketball: E’Twaun Moore

Today is the day to celebrate all things E'Twaun, as the first projected starter in the basketball countdown is here. I say that not because it is my birthday and E'Twaun Moore is one of my favorite all-time Boilermakers. It is because of what he has given us over the past three seasons. We have many names for him: The Assassin, The Red Button, 3-twaun, Smooge, etc. In the past three seasons he has enamored us with his ability to create instant offense when it is needed. Of the Big 3, E'Twaun has been quietly consistent. He has yet to miss a game due to injury and has started all but four games of his career.

E'Twaun Moore -Sr.

Hometown: East Chicago, IN (East Chicago HS)


6'4" 191 pounds

2010-11 Projection: Starter, possible All-American.

You know what you're going to get with E'Twaun. He's going to give you at least 15 points, a few rebounds and assists, and some pretty solid defense every night out. If that bare minimum happens with everyone else doing their jobs we're a pretty good basketball team. If E'Twaun goes into Assassin mode, watch out. As one of Purdue's players that can create his own shot, he is dangerous from anywhere inside 25 feet. I am practically giddy that Terone Johnson is from the same mold and gets a year to apprentice and spell E'Twaun.

There are many similarities between the two, and plenty of reasons to think TJ can be E'Twaun 2.0. E'Twaun is a little taller, but TJ is 211 pounds of solid muscle. Both led their high school teams to state championships in their senior seasons. E'Twaun's came with a big assist from football's Kawann Short (explaining where those ups for Saturday's blocked field goal came from). Along the way E'Twaun's East Chicago team defeated Robbie Hummel and Scott Martin with Valparaiso, as well as Eric Gordon and North Central.

E'Twaun grew up playing AAU ball in The Region with Robbie, explaining their chemistry on the court. Since coming to Purdue, he has become the Red Button because we go to him when we need offense. His virtuoso performance in this category came at Michigan State last year.

With an 18 point lead down to three and the crowd rocking, E'Twaun assassinated any hope of victory with a three play sequence:

  1. Step back dagger of a 3-pointer
  2. Dish inside to Robbie Hummel for a reverse layup
  3. Teardrop runner in the lane

With that, the 3-point lead with four minutes left was back to 10 and the game was essentially over. It also exhibited how important E'Twaun was even when he wasn't scoring. He finished the night with six assists, which means he was involved in 37 points instead of the 25 he scored directly.

Obviously, E'Twaun is a major key to any success this season. As long as he continues to do what he does, we'll be fine. Off the court, he was a second team Academic All-American. This was briefly mentioned last season during The Journey on Big Ten Network. He's also looking to improve hi defensive game, making him an even more dangerous player.

With him as one of three Boilermakers on the Wooden Award Watch list, it is no wonder that we're all having dreams of a National Championship.