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Welcome to the Fold: Normando Harris

Thanks to some quick info from the Journal & Courier, we have a new commitment to add to our list. It is none other than Normando Harris from Miami's Monsignor Pace High. That is the same school that is giving us Isaiah Williams, so it appears that Williams was speaking to one of his buddies.

Harris is a key commitment because he is a 6' tall cornerback and he likely replaces Jhony Faustin. Faustin was recently an academic casualty according to the rumors I have heard. I can't find anything substantial on that, but he is no longer on our list of committed players over at GBI.

Harris is a versatile athlete too, with some interesting qualities. He is one of the top wrestlers in the Miami area. He is also a quality athlete that does well in the Triple Jump for Track and Field. It is very rare that you see a three sport athlete like this nowadays, but we'll take it. The triple jump means he probably has decent speed and leaping ability. Currently Scout rates him as a two-star player, while Rivals does not have a profile on him.

Harris did play some offense this year with a quarterback that is headed to the U. He had 10 catches for 163 yards and four touchdowns. That means he knows exactly what to do with the ball once he gets it, plus he can catch instead of just batting down passes. Ironically, he only had one interception as a defensive back, but he did recover a fumble for a touchdown. That fumble was a 92 yard return against Cardinal Gibbons in November.

I like this because Pace is a program that is used to winning. This season was the first time in 18 years they missed the Florida state playoffs, but it was because they lost three games by a total of nine points. Harris and Williams did their part by scoring 11 touchdowns on offense and were utilized greatly by a quarterback that is also going to a division 1 program.

Though he is not a highly regarded recruit, there is something to work with here. First of all, he can catch the football. Second, his wrestling background gives him an edge in terms of strength and positioning when the ball is in the air. Third, he is a track athlete and a leaper at that. These are all qualities you need in a good corner. Fourth, he has good size at 6' for a cornerback. Faustin may have a higher profile, but Harris has more size here. Harris must have been impressed today too, as he committed when offered during this weekend's visit.

Will Harris play next season? Well, with all the players we have to replace he has as good of a chance as any. I think Michael Eargle, who is already on campus, will definitely be a starter just because of the experience of being a JuCo guy plus a year of spring practice. Albert Evans will likely be a second starter in the secondary. The other two spots are wide open, but I expect Harris will compete.