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Boilermakings for 1/21

I was going to have a new Power Rankings in this spot, but I was having a very hard time getting the idea down on paper last night, so you get a Boilermakings instead. That's the problem with having to post content on scheduled posts, but I'll deal with it. With our favorite boilermaker a step away from the Super Bowl it is a good week to give him the spotlight anyway.

Speaking of scheduled posts and Boilermakings, I wanted to check and see if anyone was interested in taking over this feature. I know the Paint Crew has approached me about an "Ask The Paint Crew" feature where they will accept e-mails at and answer any Paint Crew questions here. I recently took a new job, however, and it doesn't allow me much time during the day to do the research and updates usually associated with the feature. So if you're interested in becoming a contributor here, drop me an e-mail at

Brees and Saints a sure thing this week - Well, this is a pretty big gimmick to try and go against Jesu... I mean, Brett Favre. I guess the only real question is this: Should I wear my Bob Sanders jersey Sunday or go against the grain and sport the Brees when I go to the Colts game?

Even more on Brees - As expected, Saints fans love him as much as we do.

Men's Tennis off to a hot start - Now 2-0 after beating Eastern Illinois.

David Boudia up for US Olympic Committee award - He is one of twelve athletes up for athlete of the month for December.

Illinois reaction from Tuesday - I do think this is a bigger win than we all think.

Connor Bradley puts things in perspective - Excellent read here. Just turn it back on and keep winning now.

Big Ten Football in the Aughts - Not a surprise here, it looks Tiller-esque as we started in the Rose Bowl, but ended in no bowl.

Michgian State still thinks we're a threat - Definitely respect the reigning champs, but we can be right there with help.

Have anything else? Post it in the comments or to the right as a FanShot.