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Boilermakings for 1/14

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It is a slow news day today, but I had some notes I wanted to get out there.

Haiti - Among all the sports news, this needs to go first. Tim Cary wrote an article in May about several Purdue athletes who visited the country on a missions trip last year. This team will be going back in May and they are accepting donations for what will now be an even more daunting effort. EDSBS posted several links yesterday and where you can give for more immediate need. I have contacted the Red Cross personally to see if there is a way I can set up a donation page and work with the Paint Crew to spread this even further. My dream would be to have it spread from here and the Paint Crew to the other Big Ten blogs and to the other Big Ten student sections, kind of like the Coaches vs. Cancer Challenge we threw down with the Izzone last year. It's a dream right now, much bigger than I am.

We can still do a very simple thing though. Just text "Haiti" to 90999. Each text will charge $10 to you cell phone bill that will go to the Red Cross. That's all. If you do it, leave a note in the comments. If I get 50 people to do it I will send the 50th person a Defense Lives Here shirt. As Bill & Ted once said, let's be excellent to each other.

Cody Webster named first team all-state - This I why moms are awesome. Cody's mom e-mailed me last night with this information. It is his third straight year making the team, as he also punted for a 42.4 yard average. He was also listed on the Patriot News' top 25 all-star team for the conference.

More from Pennsylvania - Jeremy Cornelius was named as an honorable mention all-star for his conference. Jack DeBoef was named honorable mention for his conference.

Further recruiting news - Four guys are already officially here. Michael Eargle, De"Ron Flood, Gabe Holmes, and Will Lucas are on campus and will go through spring football with us.

Northwestern is concerned about us this weekend - I think we will have a very angry team visiting Evanston Saturday.

Mike Neal, David Pender invited to NFL Combine - I am surprised that Joey Elliott didn't receive an invite as well.

Neal playing in Shrine game as well - I agree with Rittenberg. Don't do anything to ruin those knees. Ask Graig Cooper.

Boudia breaks another record - He wins his 10th Big Ten Diver of the Week Award. He already owned the record with nine. At this rate it is shocking when he doesn't win something.