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Choke Job

There is no excuse for this. I am sitting at my computer stewing right now. I am not going to sugarcoat the end of that game. We had no business whatsoever in blowing a 13 point lead, at home, with 7:28 left. There is no excuse for that. None. I don't care who you are playing. The game needs to be over at that point if you are playing at home.

Basically, we got complacent. We got too bent on watching Robbie and E'Twaun do their thing. Ohio State adjusted, and no one else knew what to do on offense.

I don't even have words right now. I am too furious. If this had come against someone like Michigan State I can understand it, but Ohio State? The Buckeyes were TERRIBLE on the road before this game. Absolutely Terrible.

Consider this the very short game wrap for this one. Everyone not named Robbie Hummel and E'Twaun Moore needs to take a serious look in the mirror and decide what they want to do the rest of this year. Keaton Grant was timid. Kelsey Barlow was absolutely awful. I am seriously questioning why he was even on the floor at the end, and that is on Painter. Kramer needs to shoot a little more when wide open.

We just wasted one of the best shooting performances in Purdue history, flushed away a number 1 seed, and handed the Big Ten title to Michigan State. We still cannot hit free throws (E'Twaun had three HUGE misses late). No one even tried to defend Turner or go after rebounds on his two key drives at the end. Watch the tape again. He missed the first shot both times, only to outwork us for the rebound. I just need to walk away from this one for a bit. I may have more of an update tomorrow, but I am too mad right now.