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A tough nut to crack: Purdue vs. Ohio State GameThread

As always, you readers are right. I have seen many comments recently about Purdue fans clamoring for more respect in the media. I've also been called for "being a whiny bitch" and told I should make coherent arguments instead. While position is to normally make coherent arguments, I too have fallen into the "crying about the media not respecting us" zone. It is time for that to stop.

In the words of Norman Dale, "My team is on the floor." There will be no more whining about Gary Parish at this blog. Defend That, Digger will continue because it is just plain fun to find news ways that exemplify how he is an idiot. That is more of a Big Ten thing than a Purdue thing anyway. From now on I will let my team do its talking on the floor. We can only control who is on our schedule. Coach Painter said so int he presser after the Ball State game. As long as we do that everything will take care of itself because the selection committee, as people that actually watch and understand basketball, will pick the tournament. Not the Diggers and Parrish's of the world. That is even more reason to ignore them. Let's let the Boilers do their talking on the floor.

I would also like to announce that we will have a new feature this week at Hammer & Rails. Joe Berghoff, one of the organizing members of the Paint Crew, has agreed to help out for the rest of the season with a new feature here at the site. Joe wants to start off with a Paint Crew Mailbag later this week from you readers. If you have a question for Joe and the Paint Crew, contact them at Joe will go through them and get them posted here later this week. Hammer & Rails will also be featuring the Paint Crew radio show this semester.

Consider the comments for tonight's game open, with a link to a classic game within the series to spice things up.