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Go Jump in a Lake! Podcast tonight with Lake the Posts

I think I finally figured out how to do this livestream thing. If you actually go to my BlogTalkRadio page you can listen to each podcast live, while it won't upload it to the embedded player until after the podcast is finished. Why is this important? Well, tonight you can have a double shot of Purdue-podcasting; because who doesn't want to hear delusional fans discussing a 1-3 major college football team?

At 7PM ET/6CT/4PT/1 Hawaiian time I'll be discussing this weekend's Purdue-Northwestern game with Lake the Posts. Later on at 11ET, the Boiled Sports guys will be presenting the Handsome Hour. I promise not to be a caller this week, as I do have to be up at 4:30 tomorrow to catch a flight.

Just follow the link here to listen live at 7pm tonight. There may even be time for calls at 347-994-1353.

Special thanks in advance to Greg Compton of the Graveyard Stompers for the snazzy new intro music.