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Boilermakings for 9-29

There is still plenty of fallout from the Notre Dame game as follows:

  • CFN weighs in, saying coach Hope is partially right for the timeout - I still disagree, because at the very least the Irish are operating in a hurry up mode. If you rush Clausen and get the sack you REALLY put the screws to them there. I think the timeout falls more on defensive coordinator Donn Landholm, whom I am not happy with right now. We know ND is not going to run on the final drive. We know Clausen was limited in mobility. Send the wolves after him.
  • Coach Hope gets more positive reviews for making Purdue better than expected - While I agree with this, at some point we have to turn this effort into wins.
  • Tim Cary has even more to say about it - I still render my final verdict: It was a stupid call no matter who made it or what Weis/Clausen was going to do.

So where do we go now?

  • Boilerdowd has some excellent thoughts - It is pretty cogent analysis. I am not giving up on a bowl game quite yet. If we get the next two games we're 3-3 overall, which is the bare minimum needed to think about a bowl game. Who says we can't beat Illinois, Michigan State, and Indiana in the second half?
  • Rivalry Esq. Bowl Projections - It may be time to embrace the role of Spoilermakers once more.

Other Sports news:

Finally, some Oregon love - If this doesn't make you want to like Duck fans, nothing will.