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CBS Sports Blogpoll ballot week 4

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama 1
4 Penn State 1
5 California 3
6 Mississippi 1
7 LSU 1
8 Miami (Florida) 13
9 Boise State 4
10 Virginia Tech 4
11 Oklahoma
12 Southern Cal 9
13 Ohio State 3
14 Cincinnati 5
15 TCU 1
16 North Carolina 1
17 Oklahoma State 1
18 Georgia 4
19 Georgia Tech 7
20 Michigan
21 Florida State
22 Oregon
23 Houston 2
24 Kansas
25 Brigham Young 16
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Utah (#15), Texas Tech (#20), Oregon State (#23), Nebraska (#24).

Notes this week: I jumped Miami quite a bit because they are the only team in the country that can claim two wins over ranked foes. Since Virginia Tech and Oklahoma follow, a 4-0 start would mean wins over four straight ranked opponents. If they do so, I will rank them number 1 because no one else will have such a profile.

BYU drops substantially. Top 10 teams don't crap the bed like that at home, especially after Florida State barely got past Jacksonville State.

USC may plummet considerably with road games at Cal and Oregon still to come.

The middle is still hard to figure, but in the end what does it really matter past the top 10?

The best team so far with one loss is probably Va Tech, losing only to #3 Alabama. Since it came on a neutral field though, it will take something drastic for me to move the Hokies past the Crimson Tide.

Cincinnati is a very dangerous team in a bad conference. Remember that if they go unbeaten and the SEC starts yapping about a one loss team at the end of the year.

Other thoughts before the ballot goes final on Tuesday?