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Boilermakings for 9-16

It is another slow day of customer service work for me, so that means it is Boilermakings time!

The respect continues to flow - And yes, the general consensus is that we might still suck, but it is not guaranteed suck anymore.

Royce Adams, Iron man - I guess I was too focused on the results Saturday to notice this, but Royce Adams played both offense and defense for us and may continue to do so in the future. Personally, I like the idea of moving him back to the defense for depth purposes. The offense has been just fine without him making a single catch, and the one pass thrown his way was dropped for an interception. This depth will be very handy against Notre Dame when we will face our best passing team to date.

The West Coast sucks for soccer too - The women's soccer team, which had reached as high as #7 in the national polls, dropped a pair of games to Stanford and Santa Clara out in California last weekend. The loss dropped them to #11 in the latest poll.

Ralph Bolden continues to lead the nation in rushing - Mark it down, if he keeps this pace up through the Notre Dame game I am beginning a Heisman campaign for the young man.

Women's Volleyball knocks off #21 Kansas State - It wasn't enough to put them back in the top 25, but the ladies' volleyball team had a very successful weekend on the road. They also defeated Portland, but lost to Kentucky in the Kansas State Invitational.

What the enemy knows - As we start looking forward to Northern Illinois, here is what the noted Husky blog Red and Black had to say about their last game against Western Illinois.

Matt Light makes all-time Patriots team - With three Super Bowl rings and being the starter at one of the most important positions on the field for the only 16-0 regular season in NFL history one has to think Mr. Light could be in Canton some day.

Some basketball tickets still available - The response to my available basketball tickets has been overwhelmingly positive. I still have a few games available if anyone is interested. Both exhibition games are available, as well as Valparaiso and Iowa. All other games are spoken for.

Podcast tonight - Finally, I have a podcast scheduled tonight with Mike Breese of Red and Black Attack. As soon as the details are all final I will post the link. You can even have a full night of Purdue podcasts as Boiled Sports is doing their own podcast at 10pm.