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Basketball recruits are in good hands

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Indianapolis Broad Ripple's Ron Patterson (class of 2012) and Steve Jamison (class of 2011) are in very good hands the rest of their high school careers. Basil Mawbey, the official coach of this Hammer & Rails writer, has taken the head coaching position at Broad Ripple High in Indianapolis.

Basil Mawbey was the coach for my beloved Kokomo Wildkats while I was growing up and while I was in high school. The man taught me all I know about the game of basketball, and I would bleed for him to have 5 seconds of playing time in his sytem. Patterson and Jamison are rising stars in the Indiana basketbal scene. Coach will get the absolute most he can out of both players, otherwise they won't be playing for him. If these guys end up in Purdue unifroms I guarantee we will be getting disciplined, polished players.