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Mrs. T-Mill and I were talking about this while we were eating breakfast this morning. I know that Shout is a relatively new tradition at Purdue games. Some people don't like it, but I am a fan of when they have people special to the University come back to lead it. For those that don't know, a new tradition started a few years ago at Ross- Ade stadium was to have the crowd to "Shout!" between the third and fourth quarter like Wisconsin's "Jump Around". Past luminaries that have done it include Drew Brees and Neil Armstrong (a.k.a. the only two Purdue alumni who have achieved Level 8 on the Dead Hooker in the Trunk Scale).Neil was by far the best, as he realized you don't have to read monotone from a script. Also, he has the ultimate bar story to tell at Harry's

That brings us to today's poll. We have a primetime night game this year against Notre Dame. Who would you most like to see lead Shout in that game?