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Urban Meyer Continues To Fend Off Notre Dame's Unwanted Advances



Urban Meyer is the latest college head coach to emphatically state that he's not going to coach Notre Dame. While some coaches like to dance around the questions of switching jobs, etc., when the rumored destination is Notre Dame, today's college coaches are reacting like Charlie Weis asked to sit in their lap.

"I'm not going to Notre Dame. Ever. I'm going to be the coach at Florida for a long time, as long as they want me.

Print it."

Meanwhile, I'm sure delusional UND fans will convince themselves that Charlie better watch his step or else Urban is coming in to take his job. What's funny is that people are still thinking this is possible after Meyer turned them down four years ago, took the Florida job, and then went and won two national titles.

"So you're tellin' me there's a chance...."