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Sunday Boilermakings is saving the World

When you're stuck at work from 3pm until midnight on a Sunday what is the bet thing you can do with copious amounts of free time between phone calls? A Boilermakings, that's what!

Jeff Robinson denied entry to Purdue, basketball now has four man class for 2009 - This isn't a great shock, as his academic status has been up in the air for a long time. What does surprise me is that he was denied admission by the University. There has long been speculation that he wasn't going to be cleared by the NCAA. NCAA and Purdue University requirements vary greatly. As an in-state student, it is a very bad sign that he was denied. Usually, you need to have two qualifications to get into Purdue as an in-state student

  1. A pulse
  2. The ability to pay

Believe me, there were some in-state people I knew in my time at Purdue that barely made these requirements, yet they still got in. As the article states, Robinson had poor grades his senior year. This is a huge sign of his work ethic. He had known for some time he was coming as a recruit, but the circumstantial evidence says he coasted his senior year without trying too hard.

I agree with the Boiled Sports guys on this one. Of the five incoming guys, Robinson was the most expendable. Byrd, Barlow, Marcius, and Bade each seemed to have a role, while Robinson was coming in as a guy whose recruitment was based on his potential. I don't think he was going to be an immediate contributor, so I hope he gets everything together at a JuCo over the next two years. If anything, this will allow us to give Anthrop, Loveless or Coleman a closer look. I've seen all there walk-ons play in person and each one is a hell of a talent.

Purdue fares well at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships - In what is the final event of the school year for Purdue sports, the Boilers had a few individuals do very well at the NCAA Outdoor Tracks and Field championships this weekend. Some highlights:

  • Kara Patterson Finished second in the javelin and was named an All-American for a second straight year.
  • Stacey Wannemacher earned All-American honors in the women's shot put.
  • Adetayo Adesanya earned a fifth place finish in the men's high jump, scoring four points for Purdue in the team competition. His effort was a career best.

Purdue recruits fare well in Indiana All-Star series - Both the senior and junior all-stars are littered with future Boilermakers this year. The biggest news is that junior all-star Donne Hale from New Albany is now very interested in the open scholarship left from the Robinson situation. Being from the southern part of the state, getting Hale would be like stealing a player from under Indiana's nose.

In last night's game again Kentucky D.J. Byrd had seven points in 15 minutes while Patrick Bade had 2 points in eight minutes. It should be noted that Mr. Basketball Jordan Hulls, the stud of IU's incoming class, had 2 points in 26 minutes on an 0 for 7 night from the field.  

Purdue professor wins World Food Prize - That is because we are badasses when it comes to saving the world. This is a better accomplishment than anything Purdue has done on the fields of play this season, and should be applauded. He is Purdue's second winner, as well.