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Justin Siller dismissed from football team

Obviously this is huge news and I only have a few minutes to post something about it. Thanks to carmen_fanzone for pointing this to me today.

To me, Justin was obviously no longer interested in being Purdue's quarterback. He couldn't have been if he did something as righteously stupid as this. So let's open the discussion. What does the QB depth chart look like now? I think it is as follows, from most likely to start to least.

Joey Elliott - Sr. (5)

Caleb Ter Bush - Fr. (RS)

Rob Henry - Fr.

Chris Bennett - Sr. (5)

Najee Tyler - Fr.

Elliott is obviously the most experience. Bennett is a scout team former walk-on, but has been in the system awhile. Ter Bush has experience running the scout team last year. Henry has promise, but is really young. Tyler is a project right now.