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Got Money? We've got our own ATM Biotches!!!

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Fantastic news has broken tonight. The top recruit in Purdue's incoming class, Al-Terek McBurse (a.k.a. ATM), was cleared today by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Rumors had been swirling for some time about him. He had graduated from high school early in order to take part in spring football, only to not be approved yet. It appears one of the classes he took to get approved had some issues at the eligibility center and wasn't cleared until today.

The good news is that he will already have a semester of school done int eh fall,a nd he has done pretty well in the classroom. Unfortunately, he did not get to participate in spring football. Still, he does get sumemr conditioning and will be ready to compete in the fall. I'm excited because after what Bolden and Dierking showed this spring we may have four legitimate good running backs in the fall. Why not become more of a running team? The passing game is expected to struggle, so why force it? I hope coach Hope is smart enough to do this after Tiller stubbornly went away from the run time and again even when it was working.

This is great news after the baseball team blew a 3-1 lead agaisnt Minnesota in the ninth.