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First Hammer and Rails Basketblogpoll ballot

It's taken me a little while with the move, but I am finally set up with a blogpoll ballot for basketball. This can also be found over at CBSSports just like the football blogpoll. I know i am a homer for keeping us barely in the top 25, but right now only 20 teams are really interested in being ranked. So many teams are losing right now that this should be a fun tournament ahead, but even the good mid-majors like Davidson and such are falling down.

Rank Team
1 Pittsburgh
2 North Carolina
3 Connecticut
4 Memphis
5 Louisville
6 Oklahoma
7 Michigan St.
8 Duke
9 Kansas
10 Wake Forest
11 Villanova
12 Missouri
13 Gonzaga
14 Louisiana St.
15 Washington
16 Clemson
17 Xavier
18 Butler
19 Marquette
21 Florida St.
22 Illinois
23 Syracuse
24 St. Mary's
25 Purdue