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NCAA Women's Sweet 16 open thread: Purdue vs. Rutgers

After the chaotic events of last night when both Michigan State and Ohio State went down, Purdue is the only Big Ten women's team left alive. They face Rutgers tonight at 7:30 in a Sweet 16 game. This is a 6/7 matchup, so both teams have already sprung an upset to get here. Rutgers took advantage of playing on its home floor by pounding #2 seed Auburn int he last round. Purdue pulled away for tournament nemesis North Carolina with an excellent final 10 minutes. GBI has a look at Rutgers here.

A victory here would put the ladies a step away from the Final Four, as they would face #1 seed Oklahoma or #4 seed Pittsburgh in the regional final. Purdue was considered a dark horse candidate for hte Final Four when the season stated, but it certainly didn't look that way at times with losses to Valparaiso and Indiana. I'll be running this as an open thread for the game at 7:30 tonight.