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We're not Sleepy!

Say goodnight, Purdue.

The Boilermakers have an impressive NCAA tournament résumé, one that includes an 11-game winning streak in first-round games, with no loss since 1993. But we're out of the opening round, folks. The road just got steeper with the University of Washington up ahead, and, I'm sorry, I don't see how Purdue will win that one. Not here. Not now. - Clark Judge - CBS Sports in this article

"The big ten can't score any points, they don't have any offense. I don't want to see the b10, did you see Purdue having trouble with Northern ILLINOIS? I think that the entire conference is going to fall flat on their face this year you just wait and see. Washington is going to walk all over Purdue on Saturday." - Digger Phelps on ESPN


I know how we'll win this one, by NEVER TRAILING and COMPLETELY OUTWORKING Washington. By handling their press, taking care of the ball, and penetrating with a freshman point guard. By simply doing what we do, showing we can play a versatile running style, and adapting to the situation. We won by not backing down an inch, as evidenced by the fearless Lewis Jackson repeatedly taking it to Jon Brockman who had a foot and 100 pounds on him.

We are still here, bitches, and we are not sleepy yet.


A more formal wrap tomorrow, but I had to post that.

We are not going away, Digger. Deal with it.