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Big Ten Hoops Day 5K

Great event this morning. Purdue was very well represented with students and alumni racing. The most notable group was a cadre of about six to eight Paint Crew member running in Wigs and gold and black top hats. I passed one of them going down Ohio street in about mile 2, so good times were had by all.


Hard-hitting journalism at its best. With a cell phone camera.

I'm not sure what the final stats on participation were, but there were likely about a 1,000 people running in this thing. Tuxedo Brothers did an excellent job of putting the event on. There was even a bag of swag complete with T-shirt, coupons, water bottle, ice tea, and keychain. I know, the finer things in life.

It's going to be a good day for basketball


My final time, 23:29, beating my goal of a sub-24 5K. Considering this is the first timed, official 5K I have ever run I feel pretty good about myself.

Fast, but not that fast

This was a great event. I loved seeing all 11 schools in the conference represented strongly. I saw a couple of people running with Indiana and Illinois flags, lots of trash talking shirts, and plenty of alumni along the course cheering along. Special thanks to the Purdue alumni association as well. They had a water stop out in front of Alcatraz brewery.

Now it's time to shower (and shave apparently from the video. My apolgies) and get ready for the game. Thanks tot he wonders of ebay I was able to snag a seat for this afternoon's contest for $33, that's $12 below face value, so score! I'll be in attendance, but I have asked Boilerdowd if he can stop by and set up a Cover it Live in conjunction with what they are running over at Boiled Sports.