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We interrupt this program...

Fantastic win by the Boilers last night. We played like the team I know we can be. It's about time.

No formal review this morning, however. I have business to attend to.

The Kats are playing the Giants today at noon in Marion. That is where I am.

Kats_medium Today we fight for the honor of the Kats...


I am not rational about this.

I have waited exactly 11 years for this day, since March 13, 1998 when they ended my senior year and my childhood dream of a state championship on our floor, the happiest place on earth for me.

This is the first chance we have played them on their floor in tournament play since then.

It is time to return the favor.

The day will only be made made better if we beat the Illini in the semifinals, but that is secondary to today's noon contest.

I will comment via open thread as appropriate, to be posted around tipoff.