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Indiana at #19 Purdue Open thread

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I'm excited as this is the first open thread over here at SB Nation. I'm going to use my wife's phone to see if I can comment along during the game since she has the mobile web feature, but I don't know how well it will work. I know eventually I will be able to use a liveblogging feature in this place, but Let's try the new  open thread for now. Some of the other SB Nation blogs in the Big Ten are getting 300+ comments during an open thread, so surely we can top that.

The Beauty of this is that you can play off of other comments much easier than when we were over at blogger. As I play with some of the new features more things should look even better. For now, it's time to Boiler up and kick the crap out of the Hoosiers

And yes, I am aware of the Robbie Hummel situation. Right now I am just kind of numb. I am hoping that he we can win a few games without him, then have him come back for the Michigan State game. We can definitely win today without him. If we can grab the Michigan game this week without him too that would help immensely because I like our chances at home against Ohio State and Northwestern.

And one final note about that Northwestern game. I still have my tickets available in Section 112, row 13 for that game. I am likely going to have to work that night since it is the opening night of sectional play, so if anyone is interested in the tickets please drop me an e-mail.