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Boilermakings for 12/3

As we get ready for the Civil War for the Roses tonight (Sorry, I've become an Oregon fan) here is a quick Boilermakings before the weekend.

Volleyball wraps up its season - At least they finished with a win. At one point this year the Volleyball team was ranked in the top 20 nationally. They finished up last week with a five set win over Wisconsin. Purdue finished 14-17 on the year, and just 6-14 in Big Ten play.

Ryan Baker gets the call - This guy was the epitome of being a Boilermaker. He was recently promoted off the practice squad to the Dolphins' 53-man roster. He joins Kory Sheets and Akin Ayodele on that roster.

Women's basketball splits in Cali - I think it is safe to say that the ladies' NCAA Tournament hopes are in serious jeopardy after a very slow start to the year. Injuries are finally catching up with us. The ladies split a pair in California, beating UC Riverside 65-53 before falling to Pepperdine 64-59. They next face Virginia in the women's ACC/Big Ten Challenge tonight.

Men's Swimming and Diving finishes 3rd in Purdue Invite - I don't follow swimming too much, but we do at least know David Boudia is good. It is nice to see the new Aquatics Center Is paying off as we now have a nationally ranked program.

Quickie thoughts on the ACC/Big Ten Challenge - It's about time that the Big Ten came through on this. Unfortunately, It is way too late as we are still way behind in the standings. Here is each game in a brief summary:

Penn State 69, Virginia 66 - A very nice road win for the Nittany Lions after a rough start in the Charleston Tournament. Talor Battle went for 32 in a come from behind win.

Purdue 69, Wake Forest 58 - Wrapped up yesterday here.

North Carolina 89, Michigan State 82 - I think it is safe to say Carolina owns The Spartans. This was much more far fetched than the final score, as the Tar Heels led by double digits for most of the game.

Northwestern 65, North Carolina State 53 - Another impressive road win for the Big Ten. That gives the Wildcats a couple of quality non-conference wins for its potential NCAA portfolio.

Maryland 80, Indiana 68 - The Hoosiers led at home, but were undone by the bigotry of their own students. This was a shameful display. Every IU fan should be embarrassed as they are a better program than this. If I were Maryland I would have run up the score, then set fire to IU's 2002 Runner-up banner in retaliation.

Virginia Tech 70, Iowa 64 - The consensus worst team in the Big Ten fought hard at home and came up just short. This is a good sign for the whole conference.

Illinois 76, Clemson 74 - This is the frontrunner for the next Defend That, Digger! There is absolutely zero excuse for ever blowing a 23 point second half lead in less than 12 minutes. Clemson is a pretend ACC basketball program.

Miami 63, Minnesota 58 - The one ACC I wanted to win stayed undefeated with an impressive home win. This was the first win in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge for the Hurricanes. They were the last winless team in the event among the 23 schools.

Boston College 62, Michigan 58 - That makes three straight losses for the Wolverines. We should take note of their close loss to Alabama, whom we play in about nine days.

Wisconsin 73, Duke 69 - Wisconsin was very impressive and led comfortably throughout. A telling play occurred near the end wing Singler drove, only to miss a layup thanks to some tough Wisconsin D. He came down with a Great look of, "I get that foul called in ACC country, why not here?" Thank you, Ed Hightower!

Ohio State 77, Florida State 64 - Since Mrs. T-Mill hates both schools her comment was, "Can they both lose?" She had the same reaction for that Notre Dame-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl a few years ago.