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Defend That, Digger! Week 3

I admit that the Big Ten has not done much to helps its case against the glorious Big East. Aside from winning the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, the conference as a whole has been a tad disappointing. Illinois and Michigan look to be struggling with at large status. Wisconsin got upset at Wisconsin-Green bay. Michigan State has not looked as strong as thought. Iowa is bad and Indiana isn't much better. You could argue that only Purdue has held serve and Northwestern has performed above expectations. That still won't stop me from ripping on the Big East and Digger Phelps' other annointed for another week with Defend That, Digger!


Defense? Defense is awful! Why do we need Defense?

Exhibit A:

Old Dominion 61, #11 Georgetown 57

Another Big East offensive juggernaut goes down. The Hoyas lost at home in this one. It wasn't even at the much larger Verizon Center in DC. No, this loss happened at their much smaller (and rowdier) on campus gym. I know Old Dominion is a good Colonial teams (one of the most competitive mid-major conferences) but still. Georgetown was undefeated, playing at home, and they are supposed to be a juggernaut from the greatest conference ever. Defend That, Digger!

Exhibit B:

Temple 71, Seton Hall 65

Another undefeated Big East team goes down at home. Seton Hall wasn't a threat to go undefeated for the whole season, but they have to be better at defending their home court. Temple, meanwhile, gets its second undefeated Big East scalp after taking out Villanova last week. The Owls are a pretty good ballclub, but they are a dreadful mid-major from a mid-major conference. Nevermind that the Atlantic 10 has some damn good teams. They get one bid so we can have 12 Big East teams! Defend That, Digger!

Exhibit C:

#6 West Virginia 80, Cleveland State 78

I will give credit to the Mountaineers for going to Cleveland State. That takes balls, but they struggled with a 4-8 Horizon league team. They needed a last second shot to win the game when Cleveland State's press broke down, resulting in an easy layup for the winner. If West Virginia is truly the #6 team in the country they should have taken care of business with ease. Defend That, Digger!

Exhibit D:

#2 Texas 103, #10 North Carolina 90

Switching to the ACC for a moment, I thought defense wasn't important. This is pathetic. There is no excuse for a defending national champion and top 10 team to ever give up 100 points to anyone. Ever. I don't care that it was Texas playing in front of the entire state of Texas at Jerryworld. Maybe you should <gasp> think about playing a little defense there, Roy. It might have helped. But who wants to play some of that ugly Big Ten basketball, even if it results in, you know, wins. Who wants wins when you can look cool giving up 103. Defend That, Digger!

Exhibit E:

USC 77, #8 Tennessee 55

Gee, we were sure lucky to get by that great Tennessee team down in the Virgin Islands. Looks like their flash and lack of substance really paid off at USC. This is the same USC team that lost to DTD veteran Loyola Marymount at home. Now I know the 5-7 Lions are an unstoppable force, but come on Tennessee! High flying dunks and fast paced offense is supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. Who cares about wins. Defend That, Digger! (and thanks, Tennessee, for ruining our profile a little)

Exhibit F:

#4 Purdue 69, Ball State 49

Hmmmm, interesting. Purdue is a top 5 team, yet easily took care of business against an overmatched opponent. They were the only top 15 team (other than Duke) to hold its opponent under 50 this weekend. That includes Kentucky over Austin Peay (90-69), Villanova over daunting Fordham, and Florida losing to the fearsome Richmond Spiders (56-53). Here is a tip, Digger. It is easier to beat teams when you hold them to fewer points. But again, defense is boring. I mean, who wants wins when you can look good?