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Fright night! Purdue at Michigan game thread

These are just the facts:

  • Purdue has not won in Michigan Stadium since 1966
  • Purdue has not played a game within a touchdown at Michigan Stadium since 1995
  • Purdue has not beaten Michigan in consecutive season since winning five straight from 1962-66 (four were at Michigan, our only wins there ever).
  • Purdue has only beaten Michigan 13 times total.
  • Purdue currently has a one game winning streak against Michigan and Ohio State, something that has occurred once since 1984.
  • Purdue has only beaten Ohio State and Michigan in the same season twice: 1984 and 2000. Purdue did not play Ohio State during the five game winning streak over Michigan, as the Boilers and Buckeyes did not play between 1960 and 1967.

I wanted people to think about these today. I am normally pretty positive, but I just cannot see it happening today with our history at the Big House. You don't break a 17 game losing streak in a venue with a team like we have. I would love to be happily wrong in about five hours.

After all, we beat them with a redshirt freshman making his first start last year.