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CBS Sports blogpoll ballot: week 13

Rank Team
1 Texas
2 Alabama
4 Florida
5 Cincinnati
6 Boise State
7 Georgia Tech
8 Pittsburgh
9 Oregon
10 Ohio State
11 Iowa
12 Virginia Tech
13 Penn State
14 Oklahoma State
15 Clemson
16 Houston
17 Oregon State
18 Miami (Florida)
19 Utah
20 California
21 Stanford
22 Nevada
23 Navy
24 Northwestern
25 Wisconsin


Pretty dull this week, as there is no real movement in the top 10. It seems like a drastic contrast to two years ago when no one wanted to win it all. As such, not much commentary. I am only surprised the Nevada was somehow shutout by Notre Dame's crappy defense. That amazes me, especially after they looked so bad against Navy.