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New weekly feature: Defend THAT, Digger!

This is just a brief announcement asking for your help in tracking scores. Since Digger Phelps and his cronies at ESPN seem hellbent on tearing down the Big Ten, it is time that we in the Big Ten fight back. Starting Monday, I'll be running a feature called Defend THAT, Digger! It will be a run down of embarassing/underperformaing Big East and ACC games from the previous week, as well as examples of Big East teams doing what Digger hates most, playing defense to win games. We can also use it as a weekly feature to laud the Big Ten (although we might want to dump Iowa and Penn State right about now). Some key points:

  • Digger Phelps hates teamwork, fundamentals, and defense. That's basically the three things good basketball teams do to win games and they are abundant in the Big Ten.
  • If a Big Ten team gets a big win, It will draw a focus here
  • If a Big East team craps the bed and loses an easy game, it will be focused here.
  • The same is true for the ACC
  • Finally, this is also the place to post any of his other general idiocy and lack of true insight.

Digger Phelps haters, you have a home.



Your weekly forum to tell Digger where to shove that highlighter.