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Show up for the Seniors Today. Beat State!

I don't think there need to be a formal wrap up from the basketball game last night. Any game in which you get to give four freshman walk-ons multiple minutes things are either going very well, or very poorly. Things are indeed going very well.

  • Nine boards from Patrick Bade in his debut. Very nice!
  • It was a wise decision to not redshirt Kelsey Barlow
  • 13 points from D.J. Byrd is also nice.
  • Chris Kramer got it done from the line
  • Finally, that Robbie Hummel kid was able to contribute as a role player. He's a junior, so he's ready.

Not that there was any real doubt, but we're 1-0 for the weekend now. Let's be loud for the seniors today. Let's beat State and take the program's next step.

Rosevelt Colvin

and, because we could use the wisdom of Ed Reed today for the Seniors...