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Purdue vs. Wisconsin THE ROAD TRIP GAME THREAD!

Hopefully we'll have better news today after the Sandi Marcius injury. that is not the best way to start the basketball season.

We are live in Madison this morning, headed towards Camp Randall for the first time ever in a few minutes. I actually was offered tickets to this game in 2003, but turned it down because, as always, I am an idiot. There is no video highlight to get us going this morning because if you search Purdue-Wisconsin football on YouTube you only get THAT game with THAT play. We finally expunged those demons two weeks ago, so I am not invoking them again.

Comments are now open. As always, I'll try to leave one or two via mobile web, but since it is so tricky I can't promise anything.


I'm pretty sure this game didn't end with a catastrophic fumble.