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Boilermakings for 10/27

Next week at this time I'll start pulling double duty as the shift to basketball will begin, but for now we have one more Boilermakings to take care of some of the other sports.

Volleyball drops two - A once promising season is coming to a stumbling halt as the women's volleyball team dropped a pair of matches to Ohio State and Penn State this weekend. Purdue is now just 3-7 in Big Ten play after beginning the season in the top 20 nationally.

Soccer loses heartbreaker - After recent wins over Michigan and Evansville the women's soccer team probably cost itself the Big Ten title with a 1-0 overtime loss to #19 Ohio State this weekend.

Michigan-Purdue to kick off at noon next week - Has there ever been a season where a team went through the entire conference schedule without a 3:30 or later kickoff? Even Indiana was able to use the lights for a conference home game or two.

Matt Painter talks scheduling - We do have a non-conference schedule with some chest hair, and that is before playing a conference schedule that featured 7 NCAA teams plus the NIT champion. Even late addition Buffalo was 21-11 last year and won the MAC regular season title before getting upset in the MAC Tournament by Akron. Cal State Northridge was an NCAA team last year. Boston College, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wake Forest, and Alabama are all major conference foes. Buffalo had a 4 point loss at UConn, so don't expect an easy win.

Mark Wohlford leads the walk-on brigade - This is a pretty good story about basketball senior walk-on Mark Wohlford. He is certainly helping with the overall team GPA.

Hutchens picks Purdue as #2 in the Big Ten - There are a few subtle digs at Purdue, and of course the comments are heavily IU-centric, but otherwise this is some decent analysis.