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CBS Sports Blogpoll ballot: Week 8

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Florida 1
3 Cincinnati 1
4 Texas 1
5 Iowa 7
6 Miami (Florida)
7 Boise State
8 TCU 3
9 Southern Cal 1
10 Georgia Tech 3
11 Penn State 3
12 Oregon 3
13 Virginia Tech 8
14 LSU 4
15 Oklahoma State 1
16 Pittsburgh
17 Brigham Young 4
18 Houston 5
19 Utah 5
20 West Virginia
21 Texas Tech
22 Central Michigan 3
23 Oregon State
24 South Florida 5
25 Michigan
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Ohio State (#9), Oklahoma (#17), Kansas (#18), South Carolina (#20), Nebraska (#22).

Some notes:

Undefeated rules are in effect - From here on out I will not have an undefeated BCS conference team ranked behind a team that has lost a game. If you don't want to bitch about being higher with one loss, then don't lose. It is that simple. Boise State and TCU will be handled on a week by week basis.

Impressed by Cincinnati - I toyed with moving them to #1 this week because they won impressively on the road against a ranked, undefeated opponent. By the way, they did it with their backup QB as well. Take note, Oklahoma.

Undefeated pretenders fall - Kansas would have made a huge jump under rule one, but came up just short at Colorado of a huge comeback. So out of the poll they go.

Bye-Bye Ohio State - I'm sorry, but I was there in person. Ohio State played a worse game than Toledo and Northern Illinois did at Ross-Ade. They gave up running the ball against the Big Ten's worst run defense and their offense consisted of Pryor throwing the ball as far as he could and hoping his teammates caught it. They were TERRIBLE.

15-25 were hard - This was the hardest part of the poll to rank, especially the #25 spot. I sat there for five minutes trying to find a worthy team before giving some conference love to Michigan.

Virginia Tech = the new Oklahoma - As a Miami fan I wish the Canes could get that one back. Va Tech now has two losses to very good teams. I don't doubt Oklahoma is good, but they can't close the deal this year.

LSU hates the bye - They were the victim of a lot of teams moving around them. Of course, some personal bias creeps in here, as I really like Oregon and Miami as 1-loss teams, while I want to see the SEC suffer some.