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"We don't retaliate, we just get W's"

Chris Kramer has now transcended Dead Hooker in the Trunk status. He is off the scale as far as I am concerned. I already loved him for his tenacity, but that is not the reason he is now ranked off of the famous Dead Hooker scale. The fact he was knocked unconscious yesterday, yet came back to play like nothing was wrong isn’t the reason either. Nor is it the fact he busted his nose, lost blood for this team, and now will have to play with the freaky Rip Hamilton mask. No, it was the quote above that put him off the scale.

"We don’t retaliate, we just get W’s."

Scoreboard, bitches.

I missed most of the game yesterday since I was out of town, but I will have more reaction later. I just needed to post that thought.

Special congratulations to former Boiler Rod Woodson for becoming a first ballot NFL Hall of Famer. Way to make the Boilers proud today!

At Casa de T-Mill there is one thing I need to add, and that is an infrared sauna. With Infrared Saunas I can get a smooth, even relaxing steam. There are also several therapeautic benefits you can get from a far infrared sauna.

I know it sure beats using the crappy hot tub at my apartment complex.