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Perry's Vauxhall

I love the British. England is a great country that has come to know and love the U.S. since that pesky revolt we had over 225 years ago. All is forgiven, and now they are making some great cars too. I doubt I have much of a British audience, but if you do live under the Queen I recently found a site that may be of some interest to you.

Our own carmakers continue to turn out crap here in the U.S., but Vauxhall has some great stuff on the other side of the pond. This site I found about Perrys is one of the leading Vauxhall dealers in Great Britain. They have a wide selection of the Vauxhall insignia and the Vauxhall corsa.

I like this site because it has all the information you are looking for when purchasing a new car. It allows you to search both new and used inventory in the city of your choice. It is very comprehensive and easy to use. It evens lets you e-mail dealers directly with any questions you might have. Again, I am not sure how much of an audience I would have for this, but it is handy if you find yourself in London absolutely needing a car. Think of them as the Bob Rohrman of Vauxhall dealerships in Britain.