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#18 Purdue at #20 Minnesota Open thread

Feel free to stop by and comment during the game's ESPN2 broadcast tonight. I'll be here commenting along with you. BOILER UP!!!!!

Also, we're not all about basketball here at Off the Tracks. I actually am a big fan of the NHL, even though there isn't a team anywhere near here. For those of you out in Denver that are Avalanche fans There is a great place for you to pick up some Pepsi Center Tickets. If you're a New York Islanders fan though I pity you. be sure to pick up some Nassau Coliseum tickets and buy a beer to drown your sorrows as you remember the great Islanders teams of the 80's

For my readers out in L.A. you know how hard it is to get Staples Center tickets, especially with the Lakers doing so well. After all, you can't get seats from Jack every night. If you want tickets with hsi Departed co-star Marky-Mark be sure to look for some Gillette Stadium tickets.