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#17 Purdue at Wisconsin open thread

My game tonight was postponed due to a snowstorm in the greater Indianapolis area, so I will be here for the duration of the game to comment here on the open thread. Feel free to stop by and join me on the couch. The beer is in the fridge and the chips are in the pantry. I'll be parked here on my couch ready to enjoy another win! Comments are open.

By the way, many of you remember my rants against Brighthouse Networks, for the longest time they didn't have the Big Ten Network, and they still don't have NFL Sunday Ticket. they also don't offer NFL TV on their basic tier.

That is why if I could, I would switch to Direct TV. They have a much better NFL TV package thanks to Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket. With DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket you can watch every NFL game of the season. It is a little late for this season, but worth consideration for hte 2009 season.