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Week 12 blogpoll ballot

I didn't get back from Miami until 11pm tonight, so there will be no full-fledged Big Ten wrap up. I didn't get to watch a single second of Big Ten football anyway, so it's not big deal. Only Illinois is on the fence in terms of bowl eligibility. Northwestern can eliminate them and possibly get a New Year's Day Bowl if Penn State beats Michigan State and Ohio State gets a second BCS bid.

Event he blogpoll didn't have a ton of change. Seeing Miami's defense in person confirmed my suspicions that this team will be scary good in a year or two. The Canes now control their own destiny for the Orange Bowl, and it would be in their new home stadium. Dolphin Stadium came off surprisingly well as a college football venue, but it is still not the Orange Bowl. There will be mroe changes to the blogpoll next week as rivalry games start and we have a big Texas Tech-Oklahoma game this week.

Absent is Notre Dame obviuously, though if you talk to anyone at ESPN according tot he college football wrap show last night I can begin voting for them any day. We were at the Tavern in Coconut Grove last night during the show. Though the sound was off, the staff of GameDay Extra was discussing how Notre Dame was now bowleligible. The graphic asked the question if they had turned the corner finally. This led to the following diatribe from me. Bear in mind, I was on about my fourth beer of the evening, but Mrs. T-Mill and her best friend though it was hilarious:

"Ladies, please pardon me. I can see on ESPN it is finally time for me to service of myself because Notre Dame is bowl eligible. This is ridculous. They just beat Navy, a team that until last year they had beaten more than 40 years in a row. This is far from a huge win, but you can tell the ESPN guys were just waiting and waiting to say they have turned the corner. They don't even have a good win this year and they nearly blew this one in the end. This is like me checking every day and confirming there isn't blood in my stool, so I should celebrate that I don't have colon cancer."

It was a lot funnier at the time, trust me. Anyway, It's time for the full blog poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama --
2 Texas Tech --
3 Florida --
4 Texas --
5 Oklahoma --
6 Southern Cal --
7 Penn State --
8 Utah --
9 Boise State --
10 Ohio State --
11 Missouri --
12 Oklahoma State --
13 Georgia 1
14 Ball State 1
15 Brigham Young --
16 Michigan State 1
17 TCU 1
18 Miami (Florida) 4
19 LSU --
20 Oregon State 4
21 Cincinnati 4
22 Pittsburgh 4
23 Oregon 3
24 Maryland 2
25 Central Michigan 1

Dropped Out: North Carolina (#16), Tulsa (#20), Florida State (#21), South Carolina (#23).