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#24 Minnesota at Purdue Open Thread

How far have we fallen? This week marks the 8th anniversary of the Holy Toledo play. That was easily the height of the Tiller Era. If we fall to Minnesota today, it was be the low point of his tenure. Thanks to the generosity of Boilerdowd, I have a tape of that 2000 game against the Buckeyes. As I am getting ready this morning to head to West Lafayette, I have that tape int eh VCR.


The comments are open. I leave you with three things. A pair of videos to give us some hope, and the speech given by one of my readers before the Oregon game this year.

To every diehard Boilermaker within driving range of Ross-Ade Stadium...let's do something about it. I don't know about you, but my weekend will be a lot happier with a big serving of ROAST GOPHER. Let's rally together and make Saturday a special day that will go down in Boiler/Tiller history with Notre Dame '97, Kansas State '98, Michigan '00, and every other huge win that lives in our memories later. COME TO THE FOOTBALL GAME. WEAR BLACK. BE LOUD. PULL AN UPSET.

Quit worrying about if it's going to rain or's just water.

Don't wait for the students to fire the crowd up. Fire the students up.

Don't complain about whether or not the game sells out...just make sure YOU buy YOUR tickets.
Don't be the last person to stand up on the Gophers' 3rd and the first one.

Don't be the last person to yell on a the first one.

Don't be the quietest wettest crowd in Ross-Ade Stadium the loudest one.

We're waiting on that signature win...some of you say we've been waiting way too long. Let's do our part to go and get it.

Make our own magic.

Need to get fired up? Go watch some Spoilermaker clips...check out the Rose Bowl celebration on that Alamo Bowl classic on BTN one more time. Whether there's 40,000 or 50,000 or 60,000 in the stands tomorrow, let's be an insanely loud Boilermaker faithful.

Time for some Gopher hunting.

See you tomorrow.