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Off the Tracks pauses for a moment

Today is a sad day, as the official grandmother of Off the Tracks, Edna Dillon, passed away this afternoon at the age of 91. She leaves behind four grandchildren with me, my sister, and our spouses, as well as two great grandchildren. My mother is the only child, but today my grandmother is reunited with my beloved grandfather. Both are very responsible for my love of sports, so in a way they have a big hand in the creation of this site. My grandmother was a Boilermaker fan by association. I was the first member on her side of the family to graduate from college, and I made sure she was there at my graduation six years ago. She proudly had a Purdue grandma shirt back in the day and was wearing a Purdue Rose Bowl shirt watching the game on TV back here in Indiana while we were out there. Naturally, the publication schedule will be a little hectic over the next few days.

Let's Boiler up on Saturday and win one for one less Boiler fan today.