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Baylor game open thread

One of the joys of working for the NCAA is that watching the opening rounds of the tournament is not banned, but encouraged. I am being forced by my employer today to get off the phones from answering dumb questions, herded into the break room with a plasma TV and DirecTV, and forced to eat pizza and watch basketball. It is a hard life, but these are the sacrifices I must make for my readers here at Off the Tracks. That is why I am opening up the forums today to see if I can break my comments record of 12 on one article. That record was set on the infamous Notre Dame 1-7 or 0-8 prediction for their start to the 2007 football season, and most of it came in the form of angry Notre Dame fans who thought I barely had the ability to walk upright, let alone write about football. Hopefully if we reach 12 or more comments on this entry they will be generally more positive. I am also planning a more in depth wrap-up of the game tonight while I watch even more basketball at home with the benefit of a fine crafted Colorado Ale. If I could just be at the actual restaurant in Breckenridge while watching the game with a buffalo burger life would be perfect.

So during this afternoon's game feel free to stop by and comment as the game goes along. I will be right here with March Madness On Demand up and running as the Boilers take on the Bears in round one of the tournament. I'll try to comment along with everyone as the game goes on. It's time to Boiler Up and carry Purdue into round 2! As of now, Off the Tracks is officially turned over to you, the readers that make this great. Comment moderation is also turned off, so it will be real-time commenting today.

Quick notes:

  • Lake the Posts is taking this blogging thing one step further. That fine Northwestern education is paying off as they are stepping forward with original video content in an interview with Gary Barnett. Lake the Posts has long been one of the finest blogs in our distinguished little network, so I offer them this tip of the cap for another job well done.
  • has picked up on the preview of the round 1 game, and yea it was good! One of the posters is now even immortalized in the "What people are saying about Off the Tracks" section on the right. The Bears have some quality, classy fans and they are indeed a worthy foe in round 1.
  • Today's final item is one of nervous anticipation. Yesterday I applied to be the Purdue representative over at SB Nation. They do not have a Purdue blog at the moment, but our friends over at Black Heart Gold Pants, Around the Oval, Maize and Brew, and Black Shoe Diaries have already received the honor of being linked. Being accepted would be another huge step forward for this small labor of love.
  • BTFU!!!!!!