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Throw your hands in the air

All the other Big Ten bloggers are on at this late hour, so I figured I would contribute a very short entry to say I have no idea what’s going on. I am relaxed as I have been in weeks in regards to Purdue's bowl future, so I might as well provide as much detailed college football analysis as anyone else out there.

National title game:

Ohio State vs. ? Shoot, even Hawaii can’t beat a 4-8 team at home with a sure BCS bowl on the line right now.

Purdue bowl game:

Who knows? Ohio State is obviously in the title game, so a Big Ten bowl is possible, but where? My inside sources say Phoenix for the Insight Bowl. My heart tells me Detroit for the Motor City Bowl because we certainly don’t deserve more. At least now it’s nearly impossible for us to not go somewhere. Illinois is probably going to Pasadena knowing how much the Rose Bowl folks value tradition, so Purdue is likely looking at Orlando, Phoenix or Detroit.

Big Ten Bowls:

Northwestern and Iowa are watching this Hawaii game with tons of interest and Washington jerseys on. Hawaii losing officially throws the entire bowl system into chaos as they now must find four additional BCS worthy teams from the six BCS conferences. Good luck. Bowls in Houston, Boise, and Ft. Worth may awaken Sunday morning scrambling to find phone numbers to Iowa City and Evanston.

The BCS:

Congratulations to Ohio State, West Virginia, USC, Virginia Tech, LSU, and Oklahoma. You get to play in the big money games. Who knows who will fill the other four spots, especially if Hawaii loses.

The National title:

Any one else out there want to nominate Appalachian State for the whole damn thing? At least they stepped up and have won all their big games so far (including two close, late playoff games). Does ANYONE want to win it all this year?